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Top Belarusian Articles in 2002-2003

NB: The internal webstats are incomplete and abriged because we have changed the hosting provider a few times, so we are using external source of web statistics ( web counter) which should give fairly good estimate of web activity on our site. So, these are the most popular articles, as of January 10, 2003, excluding the data for main menu pages such as news.asp, articles.asp, download.asp, forum.asp etc.

hits – number of times each article was loaded //
be – article in Belarusian // -
en – article in English // -
be/en – article in both languages //

  1. (Belarusian in online chats) 1325 hits, be
  2. i i (I want to take trasianka lessons) 1301 hits, be
  3. - (Ben-Yehuda & Hebrew) 1112 hits, be
  4. Belarusan Translit-Cyrillic Translator 861 hits, be/en
  5. Newsweek: Saying "Nyet" To Russian 687 hits, en
  6. "Trasianka Action" Generator 667 hits, be/en
  7. Books 2003: Belarus and Eastern Europe 595 hits, en
  8. Belarusian-Bulgarian-Russian-English Basic Phrases 499 hits, en
  9. (Slang Minsk Toponomy) 457 hits, be
  10. (Uladzimir Katkouski's interview) 241 hits, be
  11. The Forgotten Slang 227 hits, be/en
  12. Language, nationalism, and populism in Belarus 171 hits, en
  13. ³ - Vilnius University announcement 160 hits, be/en
  14. The 21 Names of Belarus 158 hits, en
  15. Britannica Stumbling (entry on Belarusian Language) 157 hits, en
  16. Introduction Belarusian Latin Script (Lacinka) 142 hits, en
  17. Letter Frequency - 141 hits, be/en
  18. "Belarus" by Lee Hogan. Book review 127 hits, en
  19. - (Jewish songs in Belarusian) 125 hits, be
  20. Kitabs, the unique highlight of the Belarusian language 124 hits, en

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