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Recommended book:
Europe: A History
by Norman Davies

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Belarusian letters:

Ć ć   Ł ł   Ń ń   Ś ś   Ź ź
Č č   Š š   Ŭ ŭ   Ž ž  


We are sorry, this section is still under construction. In the near future we will upload several dictionaries to this section of the website. Please stay tuned and come back soon. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at this address:

In the mean time you can take a look at the phrasebook sample and NN's orthographic dictionary in our downloads section.

Also we recommend to check out Hajduk's online Belarusian-English-Belarusian dictionary at this address - (although it seems that the dictionary has not been updated since year 2000), as well as Vesna Belarusian-English-Polish-Russian-Ukranian online dicionary here -

new Great news! Finally someone took this seriously and made several Belarusian dictionaries available online via a very nice user-friendly interface. You will find it all on!

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