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Lacinka: Belarusian Latin Script Translator [Converter]

Kanvertar kirylica->lacinka, beta versija 0.25.

This is an online translator / converter which you are free to use for converting Belarusan Cyrillic letters into Lacinka, i.e. Latin script. This converter uses Unicode. Currently it's in beta version. Please, report all bugs and feature requests to

Warning: this converter only processes Belarusian Cyrillic characters, the specific Serbian, Russian, Macedonian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian characters that are not present in Belarusian Cyrillic alphabet are left unchanged.

This converter is designed for people who would like to write in Lacinka and want to convert to Latin script their own Cyrillic writing or other texts. It is also a useful resource for those who are studying Belarusian language, but can not read the Cyrillics fast enough. For example, I know ethnic Belarusians from our minority in Poland who know spoken Belarusian quite well, but have difficulties writing in Cyrillics and therefore write in Belarusian Lacinka.

If you have "latinized" the Cyrillic text that had a lot capital letters, please, check whether the capitalization was correctly rendered in the Latin version. As was already mentioned, this converter is still in beta version, more features will be added later. Don't forget to bookmark and come back again.

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