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Recommended book:
Belarus: From Soviet
Rule to Nuclear...
by David Marples

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Belarusian letters:

Ć ć   Ł ł   Ń ń   Ś ś   Ź ź
Č č   Š š   Ŭ ŭ   Ž ž  

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This section is regularly updated. Please stay tuned and come back again. There are also several utilities available from the downloads section where you can download several linguistic-related programs, keyboard layouts, etc. And here are the current

1) Trasianka Action
This is just a little toy, a funny "translator" that takes Russian text and translates it into Belarusian-Russian "trasianka" (the "hay-mix" patois of Belarusian and Russian). I've used it on some texts to add comical flavour to them..

2) Translit -> Cyrillics
This is an online translator that converts "translit" into Cyrillic Belarusan alphabet. It'll come handy when you need to type something in Cyrillics and don't have a "cyrillized" computer or/and keyboard.

3) Cyrillics -> Latin Script
This is Lacinka (Latin Script) converter, a simple script that converts Cyrillic Belarusan into its traditional Latin form (so called Lacinka). This converter is designed for people who would like to write in Lacinka and want to convert existing Belarusian Cyrillic texts to Lacinka. It is also a useful resource for those who are studying Belarusian language, but can not read the Cyrillics yet.

4) Unicode Codes
This is a very simple online utility which will probably be of interest only to programmers or web designers that have to deal with Unicode text in multiple languages. You paste the text into the box, and you get the Unicode codes as output. That's it.

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